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School council

So what is a School Council and why have one?
The School Council is a group of elected parents and staff from the school community who work towards improved student learning outcomes.
They collaborate with the broader school community to write and monitor the broad strategic direction of the school.
 Independent Public Schools (IPS) are required to have a school council as part of their governance structure. The School Council’s main task is the production and (active) monitoring of the school’s strategic plan.
Relationship Between the School Council, The School And The P&C
The School Council and the P&C share mutual interest in the success of the School.  Each have a valuable contribution to make to the life of the School and its Community.
The School Council will guide the broad strategic direction of the school including:
a) Monitoring the school’s strategic direction;
b) Approving plans and policies of the school of a strategic nature or other documents affecting strategic matters
c) Monitoring the implementation of the plans, policies and other documents approved by the school council;
d) Advising the school’s principal about strategic matters.
The P&C’s primary role is to promote the interests of and facilitate the development and further improvement of the school by promoting parent participation and encouraging collaboration.  The P&C President is a member of the School Council. The P&C will:
e) Foster community interest in educational matters
f) Endeavour to build closer co-operation between the parents, members of the wider school community, staff members, and students
g) Give, or assist in the giving of financial or other resources or services, that benefit students of the school
h) Perform any other functions as required by the Minister for Education
The School Council and the P&C must not:
i) Interfere with the management by the Principal of the day-to-day operations of the school and its curriculum
j) Make operational decisions about the use of teaching and learning resources
k) Make decisions about individual teaching styles
l) Make decisions that are contrary to law or written policy of the department