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Pumicestone State School's Tuckshop - The Rocks' Cafe is open every Wednesday and Friday (unless notified for special events).

Our tuckshop convenor is Simone. She is employed to coordinate the tuckshop. The preparation and serving is done by the convenor and volunteer parents who are rostered to help.

Our school proudly supports the Queensland government’s Smart Choices – Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools.

Online Ordering

Please note that The Rocks' Cafe will only process online orders, there are no cash sales taking place.

How to use QKR (PDF)


The Rocks’ Café relies on volunteers to help prepare food and goodies for our kids. Some of the things that our volunteers do to help are:

• Baking

• Preparing food (like sandwiches or making jelly)

• Re-stocking fridges

***Grandparents and other family members as well as community members are welcome to help out too!***

Volunteers can nominate to assist one day a week/fortnight/month or nominate as emergencies in case of absence. The commitment per day is usually from 8.15 am. to 2.00 pm. But assistance for even a few hours on any tuckshop day would be helpful. Volunteers will be advised of prepared rosters by the convenor.


In accordance with safety procedures we are unable to have children of any age in the canteen. The working area itself is quite small for the number of workers and the amount of food being prepared so it would be dangerous for children. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.




The Rocks' Cafe Menu Term 3 2019 (pdf)


In 2019 The Rocks Café will be utilising Qkr! by Mastercard for all canteen orders.
 A one stop shop for parents – we are already using Qkr! for:
  • Uniforms
  • Student Resource Scheme
  • Excursions – payments and consent forms
  • P&C Fundraising and Events
Qkr! is the most advanced mobile payments solution, it is the mobile phone payment app designed for Australian schools delivering an advanced and competitive online payment solution. 
Advantages for Parents
  • Make faster, more convenient payments from a secure mobile app anywhere and at any time
  • Website payment alternative for parents and carers without a smartphone or tablet
  • Pay direct from a credit or debit card without pre-loading funds to a third party account
  • Track transactions easily with online receipts
  • No charge fees to parents

How to use QKR (PDF)