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Resource scheme

The Student Resource Scheme (SRS) is Pumicestone’s way of responding to learning in the 21st century. Rather than develop and finalise booklists now, we are excited to offer our families an option that we believe to be more economical and responsive to the learning needs of our students and the teaching needs of our teachers.
At Pumicestone we believe in personalised, adaptable and responsive learning. To maximise this, the school would like to ensure that all essential equipment for learning is available to all students at all times. This equipment includes all stationery and consumable items including pencils, rulers, glue, coloured pencils, scissors, science consumables etc. It also includes all books and homework folders as well as subscriptions to web based applications which will be used for teaching at school and for consolidation of learning at home.
We would like to ensure that no matter what learning space our children are in, they will be able to quickly and effortlessly access any equipment required for learning. We would also like to promote the concept of shared access to resources, highlighting shared responsibility and ownership and eliminate competition between students.