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Beyond the Middle


​At Pumicestone State School all students are explicitly taught problem solving strategies. The Beyond the Middle (BTM) program is used across the school from Year 1 through to Year 6. Proficiency in problem solving links directly with the core content being delivered through the Australian Curriculum. It is a lifelong skill that develops through integration of ten key problem solving strategies. The BTM program has a strong foundation in multi-step questioning providing our students and teachers a common metalanguage to analyse and apply problem solving strategies.

The Ten Strategic Problem Solving Strategies:

Our multistep problem solving program must ensure that the ten strategies of our BTM system are implemented in a sequential and explicit approach.  The ten strategies in order of delivery:

  • Act it Out
  • Draw a Picture
  • Use or Make a Table
  • Make an Organised List
  • Guess and Check
  • Make it Simpler
  • Use or Look for a Pattern
  • Work Backwards
  • Use logical Reasoning
  • Brainstorming

Students often use a problem solving mat (pdf 130kb)  help them think through the problem